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Gentamycin Features:

1) Used to treat grams negative and positive infections
2) Dosage: I.M use: one dose, per 1kg bodyweight , livestock 2-4ml, cat
and dog, 3-5ml, two times a day, continuing for 2-3 days
3) Specification: 50ml: 5g ;100ml:10g

Gentamicin sulphate BP equivalent to 100mg of Gentamicin.base




Gastrointestinal and respiratory infections caused by gentamicin sensitive bacterial in poultry, horse , cattle, calves, sheep, goat, dog and cat.


Live stock:


Mastitis, endometritis, cystitis, nephritis, pneumonia, shipping fever, brudellosis,henorrhagic septicemia, infections rhinotracheitis, bacterial diarrheablacleg, enteritis colibacillosis leptospirosis.




CRD, infectious coryza, enteritis, pullorum disease, staohylococcosis and other bacterail diseases.


Dosage and administration:


Intramuscular or slow intravenous injection:

Poultry        :0.05ml per kg body weight

HourseCattle: 4.00ml per 100 kg body weight

FoalsCalves: 2.00ml per 50kg body weight

DogsCats: 0.25 ml per s5kg body weitht

These doses preferable to be given twice on the first day and afterwards once daily, or as directed by a vetarinary doctor. Stored in a cool try place, between 15-30 protected


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