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toltrazuril 2.5%
  • toltrazuril 2.5%
  • toltrazuril 2.5%
toltrazuril 2.5%
toltrazuril 2.5%
toltrazuril 2.5%

Composition: Each ml. Contains: Toltrazuril 25mg
Indications: For the treatment and control of coccidiosis in poultry , ruminants and pig.
Centre-Toltr is active against a variety of coccidian parasites, which include Isospora and Eimeria spp., in various host species.
It can acts on all intracellular development stages of Coccidia
Chicken: E.acervulina, E.brunetti, E.maxima,E.mitis, E.necatrix, E.tenella
Turkeys: E. Adenoeides, e. Meleagrimitis, e. Gallopavonis.
Dosage and administration: Orally in drinking water
1. Poultry: 1ml of solution/1Liter Of drinking water for 2 consecutive days. For sever infections, the treatment may be repeated 5
days later.
2. Piglets: 1ml/ piglet between 3-5 days of age, single oral treatment
3. Pigs more than one week of age: 2ml/2,5kg of body weight, single oral treatment
4. Kids/lamb: 8ml/ 10 kg bodyweight, given at 7-10 days after animal are put out to the pasture.
5. Calves: 8ml/ 10kg body weight in clinical cases.
Withdrawal time: 4 days

Caution: Do not use in layers producing eggs for human consumption.
Storage: Store at temp. Below 25c, away from direct sun light. avoid heat exposure.

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