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How to adjust the size of corn seedlings

How to adjust the size of corn seedlings

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Now, most farmers use machines to sow corn, which is easier. However, most machine seeding has a problem, that is, the very uneven position between the corn plants causes the seedlings in some places to be larger and the seedlings in some places to be smaller. Let's learn about it below.

Use time: When the height of corn is about 25cm, that is, about 4 leaves.

Medicine used: gibberellin + indole acetic acid + brassinolide mixture.

Gibberellin can promote vegetative growth, and indole acetic acid can induce the formation of adventitious roots and promote the increase of lateral roots. Brassinolide is a sterol plant growth regulator, which has the dual effects of promoting plant cell division and elongation, can promote the development of crop roots, enhance photosynthesis, and increase the content of crop chlorophyll. When the three are mixed together, it can promote corn growth and increase yield. During the corn growth period, use 0.2% gibberellin, indole acetic acid and brassinolide wettable powder 5g, diluted with water 30 kg/mu, and evenly sprayed on the leaves, which can significantly promote the growth of corn. If you want to improve the effect, it is recommended to spray again during the corn flaring period.

Currently, there is a plant growth regulator called Bihu on the market, and some farmers may have used it. It combines gibberellin, indole acetic acid, brassin and other plant hormones, and can also be used for spraying. Its application scope covers all kinds of crops, fruit tree seedlings, flowers, and the specific usage methods are as follows:

Soil treatment: First dilute the agent 30,000 times, and then apply root irrigation or spray on the loose soil around the plant.

Foliar spraying: 20,000 times of foliar spraying on vegetables, cash crops and field crops, the first time: 3 leaves or after transplanting and planting. Second time: The last time is 25 days after the last time, if the harvest time is long, you can spray more than 3 times.