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 Iron dextran
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Iron dextran

2018 Hot!!! Iron dextran 20% lnjection (veterinary medicine)

Keep out of reach of children

General Name:Iron dextran  lnjection

Specification:Each ml  contains Iron dextran 200mg.

Indication:Prevent and treat iron deficiency anaemia in animals.

Dosage and administration:

 By deep intramuscular injection only.

Piglets: 1ml on the 3rd day of life in the hind leg. Repeat dose on 21st day of life.

Calves:2-6ml during 1st week of birth. Repeat dose at 4-6 weeks of age.

Lambs, goats, large dogs: 0.8ml.

Adult cattle and Horses: 5ml.

Side effects:N/A


1) The product should not be used when there is serious impairment in liver and kidney.

2) Intramuscular inject may cause the partial ache, deep intramuscular injection only.

Withdrawal Time: N/A

Storage:Tightly sealed, Store below 25°C and avoid light.

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2017 Hot!!! Iron dextran 20% lnjection (veterinary medicine)

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