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penicillin g
penicillin g
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Antibacterial Drugs

Product Name

Procaine Penicillin  Injection


This product is an oil solution of fine particles suspended.


Per ml contains Procaine Penicillin 296.7mg


Mainly used for chronic infections caused by susceptible strains of penicillin, such as cattle pyometra, mastitis, fractures, also used actinomycetes and leptospirosis and other infections.

Dosage and Administration

For intramuscular administration, a single dose,

Horse, cattle: 0.033-0.067ml/1kg body weight.

Sheep, pig, foal, calf: 0.067-0.1ml / 1kg body weight.

Dog, cat:0.1-0.13ml / 1kg body weight.

Once a day for 2-3 days.

Side Effects

(1)Mainly allergic reactions, most livestock can occur, but the incidence rate is low.Local reactions at the injection site showed edema, pain, systemic reactions urticaria, rash, severe cases can lead to shock or death.

(2)For some animals, penicillin may induce gastrointestinal superinfection.


(1)This product is only for chronic infections caused by susceptible strains of treating high.

(2)It should pay attention to interactions with other drugs and incompatibility, so as not to affect the efficacy.

Withdrawal Period

For meat: cattle:10 days  sheep:days   pig:7 days

For milk: 48 hours




Seal tightly  in a dry and cool place.

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