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For protection of the vaccinated breeder against excretion of the chicken anemia virus and transmission of the virus to eggs.


For protection of the vaccinated breeder against excretion of the chicken anemia virus and transmission of the virus to eggs.
For this active immunisation,
onset of immunity: 4 weeks
duration of immunity: 43 weeks demonstrated by challenge.
For passive protection conferred to the progeny against clinical signs and lesions of chicken anemia. The protection of the progeny is guaranteed for up to 51 weeks after vaccination of the breeder, and chicks are protected at one day old (as demonstrated by challenge).

Contra Indications: 

Do not use in unhealthy birds.

Do not use in birds in lay and no later than six weeks before the onset of lay.
Avoid stress before, during and after vaccination.

Application Rate

Poultry Application: 

For oral administration.

Dose rates/directions for use:
Determine the number of vaccine doses and amount of water required. Do not split larger vials to vaccinate more than 1 house or drinking system, as this may lead to mixing errors.
Ensure that the drinking water is cold, clean, non-chlorinated, free of metals and free of detergents and disinfectants to ensure the viability of the vaccine. Low-fat skimmed milk powder (2-4 grams per litre) or skimmed milk (20-40 ml per litre of water) to improve the water quality and to increase the stability of the virus. This should be done 10 minutes prior to reconstitution of the vaccine.
Open the vaccine ampoule under water and reconstitute contents thoroughly. Care should be taken to empty the ampoule and its top completely by rinsing them in water.
Allow water to be consumed so that levels in the drinkers are minimal before vaccine is applied. All tubing should be emptied of plain water, so that the drinkers contain only vaccine water. If water is still present, drain lines before applying vaccine.
Apply vaccine over (up to) 2 hours, ensuring that all birds during this time. Birds drinking behavior varies, it may be necessary to withhold water on some sites prior to vaccination in order to ensure that all birds drink during the vaccination period.
Mix vaccine at the rate of 1 000 doses to 1 litre of water per day of age for 1 000 chickens, e.g. 10 litres would be needed for 1 000, 10 day old chickens. Under hot climates or with heavy breeds, this amount may have to be increased up to a maximum of 40 litres per 1 000 birds.
Administer the reconstituted vaccine to birds immediately.
The reconstituted vaccine should be protected from direct sunlight and temperatures above 25˚C.

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