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Quick Details
Parasite Drugs
Dosage Form:
Animal Type:
Cattle, Pig, Sheep
Place of Origin:
Shandong, China (Mainland)
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Product Name:
abamectin 0.5% pour-on solution
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details1000ml/bottle 200L/barrel and other packageDelivery Time10 days

Product introduction

Abamectin 0.5% pour-on solution

Traits: This product is colorless to slightly yellowish slightly viscous transparent liquid.
Pharmacological effects: the role of the goods on the parasite, the application and ivermectin is basically similar. In addition, abamectin as a pesticide, aquatic and agricultural insects, mites and fire ants and other broad spectrum of activity. Toxicity is slightly stronger than ivermectin.
Indications: nematode disease, mite disease and other parasitic insect diseases for livestock and poultry.
Usage and Dosage: pouring or rubbing: a quantity, 0.1ml per 1kg body weight, cattle, pigs from the shoulder back, along the back midline pouring; dogs, rabbits, Does not apply to Cola Shepherd (other breeds do not affect).
Note: (1) abamectin toxicity than ivermectin strong, with caution. Ivermectin shrimp, fish and aquatic organisms are highly toxic, remnants of drug packaging do not pollute the water.
(2) the nature of this product is not stable, especially sensitive to light, can be quickly oxidized inactivation, should pay attention to storage and use conditions.
(3) lactation disabled.
Adverse reactions: according to the recommended amount of use, no adverse reactions.
Withdrawal period: cattle, pigs 42 days.
Storage: shading, sealed, stored in the shade.
Valid for two years


Note: double mouth use
The first step: open the volume to take the bottle cap;
Step two: gently squeeze the bottle, so that the amount of drugs into the amount of the bottle;
The third step: the amount of bottle to take the bottle, the bottle bottle in the next, the amount of good drugs from the shoulder back, along the back line poured into the back of the livestock.

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