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Iron-dextran Injection
  • Iron-dextran Injection
  • Iron-dextran Injection
Iron-dextran Injection
Iron-dextran Injection
Composition: 10ml:1g

Product introduction

Product Description: Dark Brown Colloidal Solution


1. Lactation period and the lamb, such as calves, piglets correspondent congenital and nutritional anemia, with both inosine, vitamin B12, vitamin C use effective prevention and treatment for benefit rigid, slow growth;

2. Pregnancy and lactation yellow to increased and for iron intake of iron deficiency anemia caused by inadequate; Or lost too much or absorb barriers caused by the uncontrolled hemorrhagic acute and chronic anemia, parasites anemia, digestive function of aplastic anemia; Benefit can be enhance the capacity of resistance, prevent young yellow, diarrhea, added benefit the body trace element; On piglets, iron deficiency anemia effects;

3. It can significantly increase the body physique, increase weight, improving group survival rate;

4. with red filaments aid in the treatment of disease.

Dosage and Administration:

Deep extensor muscles injection:

born piglets 1 ~ 3 days, 1 ml/head; Born seven to 14 days, 2 ml/head. Jiang pig 3 ml/head;

Calves born within 3 days 3 ml/head, the lamb was born three days 2 ml/head, avoid excessive use.


Administration to animals with vitamin E-deficiency.

Administration to animals with diarrhoea.

Administration in combination with tetracyclines, because of the interaction of iron with tetracyclines.

Withdrawal Time:

Cattle,sheep,pig 28 days, milk discard period 7 days.


10ml/bottle, 20ml/bottle, 50ml/bottle, 100ml/bottle.


Stored in shading, airtight, in cool dark place.


1. When the serious impairment of hepatic and renal function shouldn’t be use.

2. Intramuscular inject may cause the partial ache, to be supposed the deeply intramuscularly.

3. To have to refrigerate, the long time sets may have the precipitation.

4. The injection excessively is extremely easy with the iron tonic to be poisoned, therefore should strictly control the dosage.

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