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super three plus oral solution
  • super three plus oral solution
  • super three plus oral solution
super three plus oral solution
super three plus oral solution



Essential component analysis(Each Liter contains)

Vitamin A      10,000,000IU                Vitamin D3     5,000,000IU

Vitamin B2     5,000mg                       Vitamin B1     3,000mg

Vitamin E       3,000IU                        Vitamin K3      1,000mg

Vitamin C        2,000mg                      Vitamin B6     1,000mg

Vitamin H       10mg                            Vitamin B12     2mg

Choline Bitartrate  30,000mg              DL-Methionine   10,000mg

Nicotinamide   5,000mg                     Calcium Pantothenate 5,000mg

L-lysine   2,000mg                                      Folic acid   500mg


methionine,praline,threonine,serine,glutamine acid,aspartic acid,Calcium,Phosphorus,Magnesium and Zinc.



1.It is used to supplement animal feed diet through water.Its high content of Vitamins combined with the balanced Amino Acids and Mineral Levels ensures rapid reversal of all conditions associated with deficiencies of Vitamins,Minerals and Amino Acids in the diet.

2.It ensures improved production,quick recovery from diseases caused by bacteria,fungi viral and from stress conditions due to transportation,vaccination,changes in diet as well as parastic infections.

3.It also alleviates nervous conditions as well as skin disorder.

4.It improves growth,egg production,fertility and hatchability and immune resistance of all ranges of livestock.


 Dosage and Administration

Large Animals                5ml Per day

Calves,goats and sheep    2ml Per day

Dogs and Cats                 0.5ml Per day

Poultry(Each 100birds)

Chicks                             3ml

Growers                           7ml

Layers                              5ml

Broilers                            7ml

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