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CitruBond  C-140
  • CitruBond  C-140
  • CitruBond  C-140
CitruBond  C-140
CitruBond  C-140

CtruBond C-140 is a proprietary mixture of biological substances and compounds, which can

By mixing with a direct spray, applying to the soil and

It is applied to the soil and roots of citrus trees through an irrigation system. CitruBondC-140 passed

Enhance the ability of trees to absorb nutrients through their roots to play a role. CitruBond C-140 has

C-100, GBC NanoBlendSolution and other biological ingredients, help

The roots of the tree develop, enhance balanced nutrient absorption, promote and expand the leaves

Grow and help trees withstand environmental pressures.

Product introduction

The main advantage:
Effective insect control

Effective against most forms of fungus

Improve nutrient utilization and intake

Improve nutrient utilization efficiency

Promote the growth and development of roots

Improve production performance

Low production cost trumpet

Use sparingly

Consistent performance of different soil types

Compatible with dry fertilizer and liquid fertilizer

Completely soluble in water

Does not contain harmful acids or caustic alkali

Easily biodegradable

No health, safety and environmental risks

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