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Ceftiofur Injection 5%
  • Ceftiofur Injection 5%
  • Ceftiofur Injection 5%
Ceftiofur Injection 5%
Ceftiofur Injection 5%

Product introduction

Ceftiofur Hydrochloride Sodium Injection

[ Main Ingredient ] Ceftiofur Hydrochloride

sterile medicine Ceftiofur hcl 5%  injection 


Oily suspension for parenteral use




Contains per ml:

Ceftiofur base 50 mg.

Solvents ad. 1 ml.

[Properties] This product is the suspension of fine particles. After standing, the fine particles sink, and the uniform milky white suspension is formed after shaking.

[Pharmacological action] Antibiotics.This product has a broad spectrum of action and is effective against both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, including lactamase-producing bacteria.Sensitive bacteria mainly include Pasteurella multicide, Pasteurella haemolyticus, Actinobacter pleura, Salmonella, Escherichia coli, Streptococcus, Staphylococcus, Haemophilus, etc., and some Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Enterococcus have drug resistance.The antibacterial activity of this product is stronger than ampicillin, and the activity to streptococcus is stronger than quinolones.The half-life (t1/2) of the product was 22.7h, and the effective plasma concentration could be maintained for more than 5 days by a single intramuscular injection (T bB0 0.2μg/ mL for 135.36h).

[Indications] Used for the treatment of pig bacterial respiratory diseases caused by Actinobacter pleura, Haemophilus parasuis and other pathogens.

1. Bacterial diseases: piglet yellow and white dysentery, infectious pleura, edema disease, atrophic rhinitis, etc., especially for ordinary antibiotics difficult to Haemophilus parapig disease, streptococcal disease has obvious curative effect.

2. Viral diseases: It has a good adjuvant therapeutic effect on diseases such as blue ear disease, circovirus disease and nameless high fever.

3, piglet three needle health care: prevention of yellow and white dysentery, para-pig, streptococcus, pleurisy, mycoplasma and other diseases.

4, sow postpartum injection: prevent uteritis, mastitis, galactoid syndrome, etc.

5. Cattle: mainly treat acute respiratory tract infections of cattle, such as bronchial, abdominal respiration and mastitis caused by Pasteurella

6, poultry: Escherichia coli, yellow and white dysentery, yolk peritonitis, vaccination with the prevention of secondary infection!

[Adverse Reactions] Very few sick animals are allergic to ceftiofur.

(1) Shake well before use.(2) should not be frozen.(3) animals with allergic reactions need to be rescued by timely injection of epinephrine.

(4) Ceftiofur has certain nephrotoxicity and is mainly excreted through the kidney, so the dose of ceftiofur should be reduced as appropriate in the animals with renal insufficiency.(5) place out of reach of children.(6) Staff with history of allergy to penicillin and cephalosporin are forbidden to touch this product.




Bacterial respiratory infections :1 ml per 50 kg body weight for 3 - 5 days, subcutaneously.

Acute interdigital necrobacillosis :1 ml per 50 kg body weight for 3 days, subcutaneously.

Acute metritis (0 - 10 days post partum):1 ml per 50 kg body weight for 5 days, subcutaneously.

Swine: Bacterial respiratory infections :1 ml per 16 kg body weight for 3 days, intramuscularly.

Shake well before use and do not administer more than 15 ml in cattle per injection site and not more than 10 ml in swine. Successive injections should be administered at different sites.


 Withdrawal times


- For meat :

  Cattle  :3 days.

  Swine:4 days.

- For milk:0 days.


[storage] shading, closed storage.

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