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  • ThienQuan Joint Stock Company is initial well known as a company always importing commodities: Antibiotic materials, vaccines, veterinary medicines, aquaculture medicines, biological products, water treatment, coming from America, South Korean, India, and China. Over period of time is established and developed, ThienQuan Joint Stock Company has already been affirmed its premier position in veterinary industry and aquaculture veterinary. At the beginning of January, 2015 ThienQuan Joint Stock Company has planed of building factory in manufacturing veterinary medicines, aquaculture medicines to meet the international standard of GMP-WHO, GLP(Good laboratory practices), GSP (Good storage practices). With team of well- trained technical personnel consist of experts coming from majors of Chemistry, pharmacy, Engineer aquaculture, veterinary, etc. ThienQuan's products are very various from products that stimulate rapid growth, high productivity to products of diseases prevention and treatment for cattle, poultry and aquaculture. With suitable standard of package will meet the requirements of production in farm and ranched house. Our products' quality is always stable. From the initial period of materials choice to process of production and finished products are carefully controlled before releasing to market outside. Our products are always checked carefully in Laboratory as standard of GLP before sending them out. The network of customers is developed widely over the country. This system includes stores of veterinary medicines, farms, and ranched houses. Our company has a team of enthusiastic and rich experienced staffs who are ready to consult in technique and process in advanced breeding and support customers. Our slogan: "Always on the top", team of ThienQuan JSC's staffs don't cease effort to send effective and economic products out market. It shows a partial distribution for common development of national breeding veterinary industry.

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