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  • Tutweer Animal Nutrition Products Co. is a shareholders' company registered in Egypt according to law No.159 with commercial registration No. 6810 (Giza) Our plant is located in El Fatah Industrial Zone (B) in Kom Ushim , belonging to Al fayoum Governorate . The distance to the plant is 55 Km. from Giza, on the Giza – fayoum Desert Road. Our plant is specialized in producing a number of innovative animal feed ingredients and products modified by thermal and chemical treatments to enhance their nutritional characteristics and value. The company uses the dry extrusion technology with appropriate thermal and chemical parameters for each product to modify its nature to suit the special purpose of its use in animal nutrition. Our products cover a range of animal species (Poultry, Dairy and beef Cattle, Sheep, fish and Horses). As animal and poultry production specialists and consultants, we put our long experience and the latest research & development findings into our products. We keep a close eye on the economics of using our ingredients and products by our clients.

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