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  • <p><font><font>From 2001 to 2007, Huiyuan Pharmaceutical Industry was repeatedly appraised as a "contract-abiding and credit-abiding enterprise" by Shijiazhuang People's Government and Hebei Administration for Industry and Commerce. The "Huixin" trademark of Hebei Huiyuan Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. was twice appraised as a "veterinary drug commodity" by Hebei Administration for Industry and Commerce in 2003 and 2006. Hebei famous trademark. Huiyuan Pharmaceutical Group is concerned with the interests of the vast number of breeders, in the spirit of "diligence, responsibility, realism, enterprising" to "do medicine must be true, sincere business" as the basic principle, a comprehensive implementation of the "green wish, Huiyuan quality" concept of development, forge ahead, in the fierce market competition in a steady and vigorous development. Huiyuan pharmaceutical group of all staff members of animal husbandry and veterinary professionals accounted for more than 85%. In 2001, Huiyuan Pharmaceutical Industry set up a special research institute, Hebei Huiyuan Veterinary Drug Feed Research Institute, which employs more than ten well-known experts in the province to engage in product development and technical guidance. Huiyuan Pharmaceutical has undertaken and successfully completed two national Spark projects, one of the key scientific and technological transformation projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and a number of provincial scientific research projects. In the same year, Huiyuan Pharmaceutical Group, in order to meet the national industry standards, began the construction of the new factory area and completed the main project at the end of October of that year. The factory is located in Shijiazhuang North Outer Rim Old City East Road 81, covers an area of more than 30 mu, green area of more than 5,000 square meters, green grass, formed a new garden-style production and office integrated park. Three standard GMP workshops with 800 square meters and two standard warehouses have been built and put into use. The chemical room with 200 square meters has been constructed strictly according to the GMP standard. With the joint efforts of all the staff, Huiyuan Pharmaceutical Group passed the GMP acceptance test of the Ministry of Agriculture in September 2004. On the basis of these fruitful results, General Manager Wang Rushuang led Huiyuan people to strive and innovate as before. Now Huiyuan Pharmaceutical Group has owned Huixin Avian Medicine Sales Department, Huixin Water Injection Sales Department, Hongxin Sales Department, Zhaoxin Sales Department, and Hebei Luxinyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (in 2006 Huiyuan Pharmaceutical Group acquired Shijia) Zhuangshi Hengtong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., renamed as: Hebei Luxinyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., it has its own eight GMP production lines of the Ministry of Agriculture and successfully passed the GMP acceptance of the Ministry of Agriculture, Hebei Huiyuan Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. 15 production lines of standardization workshop, Hebei Province's largest GMP compliance project, 20. In December 2007, the water injection, oral liquid and disinfectant passed the GMP acceptance of the Ministry of Agriculture of China. The people of Huiyuan continuously injected new blood into Huiyuan Pharmaceutical Group, fully demonstrating the strength and tension of Huiyuan Pharmaceutical Group. Huiyuan Pharmaceutical Group now has the same industry advanced level of powder, powder, oral liquid, water injection, disinfectant and other production lines, put into operation after the overall production capacity of Huiyuan Pharmaceutical Group has been greatly improved. In order to further strengthen the research and development of green Chinese veterinary medicine products, Huiyuan Pharmaceutical Group has set up a production line of Chinese herbal medicine extraction with the highest production capacity and the most advanced supercritical extraction technology in China, as well as a high-tech ultra-fine crushing unit. In 2007, Huiyuan People steadfastly established a GMP standard workshop for water injection and added it. The use of domestic advanced production equipment, testing equipment and new production equipment has made tremendous contributions to the quality assurance of Huiyuan Pharmaceutical Group and to meeting the requirements of the market for green veterinary drugs produced by high-tech processes. Huiyuan Pharmaceutical Group's use of advanced laboratory equipment and testing instruments, strict control of the quality of raw materials and finished products into the production link, product quality and efficacy has been effectively guaranteed, a considerable number of products in the market are prosperous. In this Huiyuan people sincerely invite colleagues at all levels of the industry to visit the group, and is willing to care for and concern about the growth of Huiyuan Pharmaceutical Group veterinary drug dealers, agents and aquaculture friends to write a new chapter of win-win cooperation! With you Huiyuan Pharmaceutical Group, tomorrow will be even more exciting.</font></font></p>

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