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  • Chemopharma Chemikalien- und Pharmazeutika GmbH was founded in Vienna/Austria in 1976 by Ing. Peter H. Andlinger. Over the time the company grew from a small firm to a group of companies with several branches in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe. With about 25 employees we trade with various specialties and raw materials. This includes specialities for: Pharmaceutical raw materials Veterinarian products cosmetic industry Health Food & Nutrition suplements Plant Extracts toners, colour formers for thermo- and NC-paper chemicals for resins, plastics and paper industry We do global contract purchases with a sales focus on Central, Eastern and Southeast European markets. With our sister company "KÖHLER GmbH", based also in Vienna/Austria, we trade vegetable powders, dehyrated vegetables, spices and nuts and other natural products.

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