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  • Animal Health & Nutrition ABIC Biological Laboratories ABIC is focused on developing, producing and marketing quality products mainly to poultry. Abic products are registered and distributed in 22 countries worldwide and our portfolio includes vaccines anti-infectives, and disinfectants. Koffolk Animal Health Koffolk is a leading player in Israel’s animal health arena, with over 50 years of expertise in the production, distribution and technical support of active veterinary pharmaceuticals, vitamin concentrates, mineral medicated and non-medicated premixes, as well as other specialty ingredients. Phibro Animal Health Throughout the world, Phibro Animal Health is a respected leader in the field of animal health products and services. The company develops, manufactures, markets and sells a broad line of field-proven medicated feed additives for enhancing the health, welfare and performance of beef and dairy cattle, poultry, swine and other food-producing animal species. Prince Agri Products, Inc. Prince Agri is the animal nutrition industry's most reliable source for premium feed ingredients. Prince has become a leader in the trace mineral industry, selling more trace minerals than any other supplier to the animal feed industry. Prince also offers a rapidly expanding line of proprietary, value-added nutritional products to meet the unique demands of today’s sophisticated operations.

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