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  • Started in 2002 and holding a share capital which amounts to 185,253,000.00 DZD, AAHP (Algerian Animal Health Product) laboratories is settled within the major animal production zones. It manufactures, packages, and markets pharmaceutical products for veterinary use in liquid, solid and injection forms. The production facility, located at 266, Zone industrielle Le PALMA ex-Lamoricière 25000 Constantine, on a field of 2237 m², includes a production area of 1539 m², and an area of 1044 m² set for the executive offices. Our production units are spread over two levels. The first level is designed for manufacturing products of different pharmaceutical forms and classes. It consists of the manufactures of oral solutions and suspensions as well as soluble powders. The second level is intended for manufacturing both sterile solutions for injection and intramammary products. The products manufactured belong to different classes of antibiotics, sulfamides, antiparasitics and vitamins.

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