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What are the main methods for raising cattle in summer to increase profitability?

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What are the main methods for raising cattle in summer to increase profitability?

In summer, the weather is so hot that cows tend to lose fat in order to resist the heat. In addition, the environment of high temperature and high humidity is likely to cause many adverse effects on beef cattle production, such as heat stress, reduced feed intake, and slower weight gain. The hot summer is coming, what are the main ways to increase the profitability of cattle breeding?

1. Reduce solar ultraviolet radiation to cattle. Keep beef cattle in cattle sheds, pergola, and under the shade of trees. At the same time, ensure that the cattle sheds are ventilated and cooled. Of course, you also need to choose different breeding methods according to your own different situations, but you must not let the beef cattle be exposed to the sun for a long time.

2. Improve the ventilation and convection in the beef cattle breeding house. Install fans in the breeding house to strengthen mechanical ventilation and air convection, so as to take away as much heat as possible from the beef cattle and help reduce heat stress.

3. Environmental beautification: Farmers can plant some vegetation in the beef cattle farm, which can not only beautify the environment, but also purify the air in the farm.

4. Feed in the early morning and evening when it is cool. Try to avoid feeding at noon high temperature. Feed early in the morning, feed more at night, and keep feeding at night. The feeding time should be gradual and adjusted gradually as the temperature changes, and cannot be changed suddenly.

5. Frequently clean and flush the barn to remove feces, ventilate and ventilate, rinse the cattle bed with clean water regularly, and rinse and scrub the body, hindquarters and other unclean parts of the cow with clean water on time to reduce heat stress. When washing the cow's body, it should be arranged before feeding. It should not be washed within 30 minutes after feeding, and the cow's head should not be washed suddenly with water to prevent the cow's head from violently contracting blood vessels and shocking it. Screen doors and screen windows are added around the barn to prevent mosquitoes from biting the cattle. 1% trichlorfon liquid can also be used to spray the barn and surrounding environment to kill mosquitoes and other pests to prevent the spread of infectious diseases through mosquitoes Way.

Of course, to increase the profit of beef cattle breeding in summer, the most important thing is to have balanced nutrition. Different feeding can be provided according to different stages of cattle, which is more conducive to the growth of beef cattle.

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