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What is the cause of lamb convulsion? A quick cure for lamb convulsion!

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What is the cause of lamb convulsion? A quick cure for lamb convulsion!

What is the cause of lamb convulsion? Lamb convulsion refers to the symptom of lamb limb twitching. There are many reasons for this symptom, such as tetanus, high fever, epilepsy, etc. However, the cause of lamb convulsion is generally calcium deficiency. So what are the quick treatment methods for lamb convulsion?

  What is the cause of the lamb's convulsion?

1. Malnutrition: The pregnant ewes are in the dry season. If there is a dry year, due to poor growth of the forage, the content of vitamins, minerals and trace elements in the forage is insufficient, resulting in malnutrition, vitamins, minerals and trace elements in the pregnant ewes. The lack of elements can not meet the needs of fetal growth and development, resulting in congenital dysplasia in newborn lambs. Nutrients cannot be supplemented in time from breast milk after birth, resulting in endocrine disorders and metabolic disorders in newborn lambs, resulting in neurological "convulsions". .

2. Lack of milk: the ewe produces little or no milk; the ewe is weak or suffers from mastitis and refuses to breastfeed the newborn lamb; the newborn lamb is too weak to suck milk on its own, so that the colostrum cannot be eaten in time. It will not be able to supply the nutrients needed for the growth and development of newborn lambs, causing them to develop disease.

  3. Suffering from chronic diseases: If the ewes suffer from chronic foregastric disease for a long time during pregnancy, it affects the synthesis of vitamin B group in the body, causing the ewes to lack vitamin B during pregnancy, which is also the main cause of this disease.

  Clinical symptoms of lamb convulsion:

Newborn lambs suddenly become ill, head backwards, body spasms, teeth grinding, foaming at the mouth, empty swallowing, teeth closed, head shaking, blinking, body sitting back, ataxia, often falling to the ground and convulsing, four The hoof kicks in disorder, the mouth temperature increases, the tongue is dark red, the eye and conjunctiva is dendritic, and the breathing and heartbeat are accelerated. The symptoms last for 3 to 5 minutes. After the symptoms of neurogenic excitement, the sick lamb sweats all over, is tired and weak, depressed, can not afford to lie down on the floor, often lying in the dark, breathing and heartbeat slow down, repeated at intervals of ten minutes to half an hour or more. attack.

   In the later period, due to the shortening of the paroxysmal interval and the prolonged attack time, endocrine disorders, extreme metabolic disorders in the body, excessive energy consumption, excessive swallowing of air, rapid expansion of the stomach and suffocation died. The course of the disease is generally 1 to 3 days.

  A fast cure for lamb convulsion?

  1, sedation and spasmolysis

   In order to keep the lamb quiet, relieve body metabolism and cerebral hypoxia, and inhibit the further development of the disease, sedatives should be used as soon as possible. 15-20 mg of phenobarbital sodium can be injected intramuscularly to make the lamb appear deep sleep.

  2, supplement B-complex vitamins

   Use 0.5 ml of multivitamin B to give the sick sheep an intramuscular injection twice a day.

  3, calcium supplement preparation

   Use 10 to 15 ml of 10% calcium gluconate to give the sick sheep an intravenous injection twice a day.

   4. Strengthen care

   The sick newborn lambs are nursed in a warm place and the environment is kept quiet. The treatment should be concentrated as much as possible to reduce interference with the sick sheep. The head of the sick sheep should be raised slightly to prevent the secretions in the mouth from being sucked into the trachea. Sick sheep that can't eat milk should be fed artificially, and 50 to 70 ml of 10% glucose solution should be injected intravenously per kilogram of body weight, once a day, to supplement the energy and fluid required for the basal metabolism of the sick sheep.

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