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Chicken knowledge: when the chicks drink for the first time and matters needing attention

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Chicken knowledge: when the chicks drink for the first time and matters needing attention

The first time the chicks drink water, it is called boiling water. This "boiled water" is very particular. Generally, large-scale and standardized chicken farms have relatively standardized and clear procedures for this process, but some small chicken farms or native chicken farmers You may not know it very well, but this article will introduce it in detail for the chicks boiled water.

   One, the main points of the chick boiling water

  1. Basic principles

   Drink water first and then start eating. After the chicks have just emerged from the eggshell, there is still egg yolk in the body that has not been completely absorbed. Therefore, drinking water first and then eating can help the chicken body to continue to absorb the egg yolk, and it is also conducive to the excretion of meconium. Some chicken farmers buy chicken fry from other places, which may cause water shortage in the chicks, so they should add water in time.

  2, boiling time

   Generally, about 24 hours after the chicken comes out of the shell is a more suitable boiling time. Early chicks have no appetite, and late chicks are prone to dehydration.

   3. Water requirements

   Chicken boiled water, not cold water, it is easy to cause chicken diarrhea, generally use warm water. Drinking only water is generally not enough. It is necessary to add nutrients such as vitamins and glucose to the water to supplement nutrition and physical fitness. Antibiotics can also be added to prevent bacterial infections.

   2. What should I do if the chicks can't drink water?

  If the chicks can't drink water, the chicken farmers should learn how to adjust them. The specific method is to hold the chicks, press the chicken head with your fingers, and dip the chicken mouth in water. After the chick's beak gets wet, it will raise its head and open its mouth to swallow the wet water. If the chicken farmers try this a few times, the chicks will learn to drink water. Generally, when training chickens, other chickens will be encouraged to learn to drink water.

   Three, the precautions for drinking water for chicks

As the chickens grow up, the type and size of the drinking fountains should be changed; for example, the chicks can adapt to room temperature water after a week, and there is no need to feed warm water, but the drinking water of the chickens must meet the drinking water standard; another example is the drinking fountains. It is necessary to disinfect frequently, and to maintain clarity and so on daily. For poultry farms with conditions, it is recommended to change to an automatic drinking fountain.

  Okay, the above is all the content I want to share with you today. Farmers still need to keep in mind and pay attention. If you want to learn more about it, please follow us!

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