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How to prevent and treat cattle foot rot?

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How to prevent and treat cattle foot rot?

Prevention method: usually pay attention to the care and trimming of the hoof, keep the stables and sports grounds clean and dry, remove all kinds of sharp objects, if necessary, set up a disinfection tank, and put 1%-3% copper sulfate solution in the tank. Isolate and raise sick cows and thoroughly disinfect contaminated places, which can effectively reduce the incidence of disease.

Treatment method: remove the necrotic tissue, thoroughly disinfect, trim the bad hoof, enlarge the rotten hole at the bottom of the hoof, drain the exudate in the hole, thoroughly dig out the rotten and necrotic tissue, and dig until the blood is discharged. Then use saturated copper sulfate or 5% iodine tincture to disinfect, and then sprinkle potassium permanganate powder and copper sulfate powder. After debridement, sprinkle penicillin cod liver oil emulsion (200,000 units of penicillin dissolved in 5 ml of distilled water, then add 50 ml of cod liver oil and mix) or sulfonamide powder on the affected area. For those with deep decay, after thoroughly digging out the necrotic tissue, it can be blocked with turpentine gauze, tying hoof bandages, and changing the bandage once 1-2 weeks until the orifice is healed. In severe cases, treatment can be combined with systemic antibiotics or sulfa drugs.

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