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Problems in the production of cattle farms and countermeasures

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Problems in the production of cattle farms and countermeasures

The scale of cattle farms is different, and the breeding techniques are also uneven. To ensure the healthy growth of cattle, improving the level of breeding and management is an important way.

1. Not paying attention to epidemic prevention: During the production process, some farmers feel that they have raised cattle for a few years and can raise them. Some vaccine prevention and control are not so important, and they feel that they have the ability to deal with it. In fact, these people are not there yet. A few, some do not do epidemic prevention for this reason, and some do not do epidemic prevention for that reason. In short, epidemic prevention is not done, and the cleaning and disinfection of the pens are not done in time and regularly. I think it’s okay to watch every day. If it happens, everyone knows that if these tasks are not implemented in place, it will cause a high incidence of cattle disease. When it does not happen, everything is good. Once an epidemic occurs, a large-scale spread will occur, causing unimaginable losses to the farm. Whether you don't get vaccinated because you save money or because you don't think it matters, please don't neglect this important step in epidemic prevention. Don't wait for a loss to realize the importance of epidemic prevention.

2. Not paying attention to breed improvement: Many local retail households buy local cattle from local breeds. Although the local demand for beef of this breed of cattle is acceptable, if each farm does not pay attention to changing the breed to L, then, It will be complacent, which is not conducive to the development of the cattle industry, and the core competitiveness of native cattle in the market is not good. If you want to get more economic income from raising cattle, you must understand the market demand and the market for breed cattle. It does not mean that the local breed of cattle breeding is abandoned, but that good breeds of cattle can be introduced for Z-crossing, which speeds up the growth of the cattle, thereby shortening the breeding time and making a lot of profits when they are released. This is important to the development of local agriculture. Very helpful.

3. Single feed is insufficiently nutritious: In order to control the cost of feed, many cattle farms only feed cattle crop stalks. It is true that cattle are herbivores. If you are raising cattle for arable land as a means of transportation, you can finish Q. After all, It’s okay to keep it for meat and sale, but if you are raising cattle for sale, in order to earn a meager profit to support your family, then you have to feed it well to meet the nutritional needs of the cattle at all stages. For example, shelf cows must be fed with feed that allows the skeleton to grow faster; for fattening cattle, feed with feed that allows the cattle to grow meat and gain weight quickly; for breeding cows, feed with feeds that can supplement nutrition and promote estrus and milk production. Feed; at which stage you don’t bother to think about how to feed the cow to make the cow better, then, if the cow rewards you, it will make you shocked. People are still heart-changing, let alone cows, you feed him grass, it It can express milk for you, but the amount of milk can't meet your more needs, can it? So, if you want to get something from the cow. You have to pay first. Someone should say that feeding so much feed is expensive. Yes, it’s not enough if you don’t feed expensive cows. You can’t get a good return if you feed the fodder. Really, all the breeding friends who have worked as a feed know it.

How to raise a good cow?

Regularly kill the pens, and do a good job of feeding management: the range of killing includes the ground, feed troughs, water troughs, and the walls of the pens, vehicles entering and leaving, personnel entering and leaving, and it is forbidden to raise chickens, ducks and geese in the cattle pens. Animals, avoid the spread of pathogens; the disease is imported from the mouth. This principle applies to humans and cattle. Therefore, the cleaning of troughs and sinks cannot be relaxed. Do not think that it does not matter. Cleaning and killing J is a good way to avoid parasitic diseases and the breeding of bacteria. In addition, for the breeding density of cattle, avoid overcrowding, and divide them into groups in time; in seasons with large temperature differences, you must do a good job of preventing cold and warmth, reasonably control the humidity of the pen, keep dry and ventilated, and create a comfortable barn. living environment.

Do a good job in epidemic prevention and control: master scientific knowledge and techniques of epidemic prevention and control, vaccinate cattle, go to a formal institution to purchase epidemic prevention vaccines, control the dose of vaccines, and use them in strict accordance with the vaccine instructions to ensure that the vaccines After the injection, there is X sex, which can avoid a large part of the epidemic. Some people should say, and no one said to us that we should be vaccinated. This is because the local authorities have not enough publicity or you have not paid attention to it. With this information, as a breeder, you should consciously pay attention to the cattle breeding policy and the propaganda of cattle breeding techniques, improve your own cattle breeding skills, and be able to breed smoothly in an orderly manner on the long breeding road. Human pursuit.

Make good use of local Chinese grass Y resources: such as hawthorn and cinnamon, which can promote digestion and increase appetite; malt, can speed up growth, etc. If you don’t know what Chinese grass Y is available in the local area or don’t know the purpose and use of various Chinese grass Y Use effect, you can check related articles yourself. After all, it is Zhongcao Y. Feed carefully. You must understand its effectiveness and disadvantages before feeding.

Feed better breeds of cattle, and gradually replace the local native cattle at home: You see, the local area is a large cattle farm in other provinces in Z. Which cattle farm raises local cattle breeds? In the process of batch breeding, large-scale breeding farms are pursuing greater profitability, and will choose to feed good breeds and fast-growing cattle. These good breeds of cattle will grow at a fast speed, plus the scientific feeding and growth of the farm staff. The speed will be further accelerated, and the family breeding model and small-scale breeding farms need to eliminate the species, shorten the breeding time, and increase the breeding profit.

Scientific ingredients, if you want cattle to grow fast, feed cannot be saved: during the fattening period, cattle have a great demand for nutrition, and there are also requirements for the rationality of feed. Whether the feed mix is ​​reasonable will directly reflect the cattle’s appetite , Digestion, absorption, feces, changes in body shape, and fat. If premix is ​​used, the farm needs to provide raw materials such as corn, wheat bran, soybean meal, baking soda, etc., and the mixing manufacturer pushes the premix addition ratio of J. Stir it evenly, and then feed it to the cattle according to the scientific feeding amount, 800 kg-slaughter cattle concentrate formula: corn 64, soybean meal 19.5, wheat bran 10, baking soda 1.5, premix 5, Jianweibao 0.2-0.4, muscle Red 0.2, if you need to adjust the formula, you can contact us; for forage feeding, according to the local forage resources, if the local grass resources are not abundant and need to be purchased from other places, then, you need to pay attention to the grass must not be mildewed, you must buy For grass with good quality and no mildew, you can grow pastures yourself, such as pennisetum, ryegrass, alfalfa, sweet sorghum, etc., which are all good pastures that cattle love to eat and have high nutritional value.

Feed storage management should not be ignored: the feed should be kept in a dry and ventilated place to avoid mildew, avoid rain, prevent and control rodents, check regularly, smell each time and see if there is any mildew before mixing. Don’t be reluctant to give up the moldy feed. If you eat moldy feed, cows are prone to get sick, which can lead to death. No matter how you dispose of the moldy feed, don’t use it to feed your cows.

You see, although anyone can raise cows, everyone who can raise good cows is a breeder who loves to learn, respects science, believes in science, carefully manages the cattle farm, and has a clear attitude. I hope that our friends can pay attention to the work of raising cattle. Improve your own management level and breeding skills to achieve a higher breeding vision. Those with higher breeding skills can also drive the income of surrounding farmers and promote the development of the local aquaculture industry.

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