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About Baikjing

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About Baikjing

Baikejing Biotechnology Hebei Co., Ltd. is located in Handan, the ancient

 capital of the millennium. It is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the

 research and development, production, sales, and service promotion of

 agricultural and animal husbandry related products. It mainly produces

 microbial fertilizers, bio-organic fertilizers, seed (seedling) cultivation, soil

 pollution bioremediation, veterinary drug research and development,

 manufacturing and other agricultural and animal husbandry related


The company occupies 28 acres and has nearly 100 employees. It has

 established biological research laboratories, product production lines and

 cultivation and planting experimental fields, and has a high-quality R & D

 team. Committed to becoming a high-tech R&D institution and achievement

 transformation center with "six first-class" (first-class talents, first-class

 team, first-class platform, first-class management, first-class strength, first-

class results). The company continues to increase scientific research funding

 to develop new products, develop high-end agricultural and animal

 husbandry related products that meet market needs, and increase market

 share and position.

In fact, c-100 disinfectant is a self-developed flagship product, and its main

 function can effectively kill bacterial propagules, spores, fungi, and viruses.

 -100 biological agent can actively attract negatively charged bacteria and

 viruses and cover their surfaces, hinder bacterial metabolism, cause

 changes in membrane permeability, and cooperate with glutaraldehyde to

 enter bacteria, viruses and other pathogenic microorganisms, and destroy

 the proteins and proteins of pathogenic microorganisms. The activity of

 enzymes achieves efficient and rapid disinfection.

Function and purpose: used for disinfection of public places, equipment,

 farms, etc.

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