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Cattle farm efficiency method and disease prevention technology

Five Elements of Raising Sheep

explored and summarized the experience of breeding management, selection and matching, feeding and fattening, and disease prevention and control, which can be summarized as "management, selection, matching, breeding, and prevention"

How to do a good job in epidemic prevention and sanitation on cattle farms

Sick cows caused by non-communicable diseases or mechanical trauma should be treated promptly. Dead cows should be promptly designated for harmless treatment. After infectious diseases occur in the cattle farm, sick cows should be isolated in time, and si

Prevention measures of heatstroke in laying hens

Plant trees or shade nets around the poultry house to prevent long-term direct exposure to the hot sun; adopt longitudinal ventilation, increase ventilation, and reduce the temperature and humidity in the house.

Beef nutrition and diet

There is an amino acid called sarcosine in the protein of beef. The amount of sarcosine is higher than that of any other food. Sarcosine is called the source of muscle fuel. After absorption, it can be quickly converted into energy in the human body, stre

Technology of raising cattle

we must first do a good job in the construction of the barn, and build a barn that is warm in winter and cool in summer according to local conditions. In winter, it is necessary to maintain heat preservation and keep the inside of the barn above 5°C. Remo

When is the best control effect of rape sclerotiume

Choose a seedbed every September, cultivate short and strong seedlings, change crops and transplant them at the right time, and achieve reasonable dense planting, and plant 10,000 to 12,000 hybrid rapeseed 667m2.

Vegetable management in spring, do a good job of "six" prevention in advance

As the temperature gradually rises, the temperature difference between day and night becomes smaller, and vegetable plants are prone to grow excessively, especially solanaceous fruits and melon vegetables. Once the plant is elongated, it is easy to cause

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