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Solution for cracking during tableting

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Solution for cracking during tableting

1 original accessories
Excessive fibrous ingredients in the prescription, large material elasticity
Oily ingredients in the raw materials, weakening the adhesion between the particles
The crystal form of the raw material: the crystal of the cubic crystal is easy to be directly compressed; when the scaly or needle crystal is directly compressed, it is easy to be layered, and when it is compressed into a tablet, the effervescent excipient is easily delaminated in the tablet. , effervescent after moisture absorption, gas escape
Excessive use of hydrophobic lubricants
2 craft
Too much granules, too little or too much fine powder in firm, hard granules
The granules are too high, causing lobes or lumbar cracks due to sticking
Inappropriate adhesive
Too little or too low binder
The prepared granules are too loose
3 equipment
The speed is too fast: the air is too late to be discharged when the tablet is pressed, the compression time is too short, and the decompression is too fast.
Excessive pressure, increased material elastic recovery rate
The regulator is not locked, causing an increase in pressure
The pressure distribution is uneven, and the upper piece is first separated from the die hole and is easy to be cracked.
The punch is not installed straightly; the die ring is not installed flat, and it is biased to one side. The pressure side is large, and the upper side is rushed or burred, and the lobes are pulled apart when the tablet is pressed.
The length of the up and down is uneven, the long pressure is too large and the lobes
During storage, the tablet swells (or disintegrates) and lobes