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 What are veterinary antimicrobials?

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What are veterinary antimicrobials?

For a long time, veterinary antibiotics have played an important role in preventing and controlling animal diseases, improving breeding efficiency, and ensuring public health safety. According to expert analysis, from the perspective of the current my country's food animal breeding model, the development status of animal diseases, the technical level of feeding and management, and my country's overall economic level, the use of veterinary antibiotics in the process of food animal breeding is still indispensable and irreplaceable at this stage. Even the topic of "prohibition and restriction of antibiotics", which has been discussed internationally in recent years, does not mean that the aquaculture industry does not use antibacterial drugs, but the scientific and rational use of antibacterial drugs to avoid impact on human health and restrict the use of antibacterial drugs through feed additives. Veterinary antibacterial drugs that promote animal growth.

It is understood that there are some misunderstandings about the use of veterinary antibiotics in the breeding process and food safety in the society at present, and it is believed that breeding is safe without drugs. As everyone knows, that may bring about more problems such as epidemic disease, increased breeding costs, decreased economic benefits, pathogenic microorganism contamination of animal-derived products, and food supply safety. It should be said that the key to solving the problem of veterinary drug residues and drug resistance is to rationally use drugs, standardize drug use, and use drugs in accordance with laws and regulations during the breeding process.

In recent years, in response to the problems of veterinary drug residues and bacterial resistance in animal products, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs has adopted strict approval of veterinary antibacterial drugs, standardized production, operation and use activities of veterinary drugs, accelerated the elimination of veterinary drug varieties that are shared by humans and animals and high-risk, and encouraged green veterinary drugs such as Chinese veterinary drugs. The research and development and application of alternative products, the establishment of a licensed veterinarian and a prescription drug management system, and vigorously promoting the standardization of livestock and poultry, large-scale breeding and other effective measures, strengthen the safety supervision of veterinary drugs and animal products from multiple perspectives, and organize a three-year period. The pilot work of reducing the use of veterinary antibiotics strives to promote the healthy development of the breeding industry and ensure the safety of animal products.

We have reason to believe that the risks of using veterinary antimicrobials in aquaculture and production are preventable and controllable under the background of continuously strengthening government supervision and improving the standardization of aquaculture drugs. In addition, from the monitoring data of veterinary drug residues in animal products released by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, it can be seen that the pass rate of residue testing has reached more than 99.9%. It can be seen that the quality of animal products in my country is generally guaranteed to be safe.