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Six common diseases of sheep

News briefing: Sheep Disease Prevention

Six common diseases of sheep


Main features: This disease, as the name suggests, refers to the raising of a certain food to eat too much and get a disease, usually sheep steal to eat corn, soybeans, sorghum and other concentrate too much and lead to acidosis, serious consequences directly lead to death. 

TREATMENT: Oral Sodium Sulfate or intravenous injection of Baking Soda In mild cases; gastric lavage in severe cases.

2.The Placenta won’t come down

Main features: retained placenta after parturition in Ewes. 

Treatment: Oxytocin 0.6 units/kg BW, injected subcutaneously. After 10 minutes, using tweezers to gently pull the placenta, the placenta can be removed.


Treatment for 11 diseases: Sheep will eat, such as sheep will eat wool, plastic paper, soil and so on, these can not be used for food items. 

TREATMENT: Calcium 0.4 tablets/kg body weight, vitamin B 0.4 tablets/kg body weight, cod liver oil 0.4 tablets/kg body weight, 2 times a day for 3 days.


Main features: Eye Conjunctiva serious congestion, often tears, there are eye excrement. Serious Person Eyelid is swollen, this disease sends in Spring and autumn season more, easy to infect, but the harm is not big. 

Treatment: generally used, chloramphenicol eye drops, 1 day 4 ~ 5 times, 2 ~ 3 days can be cured.

5.Non Estrus

Main features: Most of this disease is due to genetic or some physiological diseases, that is, sheep to the physiological mature period is still delayed estrus. 

TREATMENT: Triad Hormone 12 Ml/kg Body Weight, subcutaneous injection, injection within 3 days of estrus mismatch, to 18 days after estrus and then mating. 、

Note: For long-term Genetic Factors that do not cure ewes, in order to improve the breeding efficiency of mutton sheep, to be promptly eliminated.

6.Sheep-nosed fly

Sheep nose fly, commonly known as “Lost nose”, is caused by sheep nose fly maggots to flow thick nasal fluid, sneezing, shake the nose as the main characteristics of parasitic disease, the disease in spring, summer, autumn three seasons. 

TREATMENT: Prescription 1: Afudin 0.25 mg/kg body weight taken orally, usually 1 time can be cured. Prescription 2: TRICHLORFON 0.2% ~ 0.3% solution nasal drops, 3 times a day for 2 days.