Current Location: Four essential measures of duck disease prevention
Four essential measures of duck disease prevention

News briefing: Duck Disease Prevention

Four essential measures of duck disease prevention

1. Disinfection of import

The main entrance is strictly marked “Epidemic prevention important place, visit is forbidden”and is guarded by special personnel. No foreign vehicles or personnel are allowed to enter the production area.

2. Measures to prevent cross contamination

Each house raises the personnel to forbid to channeling the field, channeling the post, prevents the cross infection. The environment of the field should be kept clean and unpolluted, and the spread of infectious diseases by wild birds should not be underestimated. The faeces of wild birds should be prevented from contaminating the feed and the sports ground. Sick dead ducks and anatomical materials must be made harmless treatment, not allowed to pollute the environment, causing man-made spread of diseases.

3. Disease Control Measures

The veterinarian should be diligent in dissecting the dead duck, the sick material should be tested in laboratory in time, and the medicine should be used to prevent and cure according to the result of drug sensitivity test. After the initial administration, the veterinarian should continue to follow up treatment until the disease is cured. Based on the drug sensitivity test, clinical drug use, age and season of onset, combining with the production practice, the field of preventive drug use procedures. When choosing medicine, avoid using fake and inferior veterinary medicine and delay the condition of the disease, leading to serious economic losses.

4. Disease surveillance measures

According to the local situation, the establishment of disease surveillance program, Meat Duck farm routine surveillance of disease should include at least: Influenza A virus subtype H5N1, duck plague, duck hepatitis. In addition to the above-mentioned epidemic disease, but also according to the local actual situation, select some other necessary epidemic disease surveillance.