Current Location: Breeding Technique of four-season goose
Breeding Technique of four-season goose

News briefing: raising of GOSLINGS: use chopped fresh grass, such as bitter buy vegetables, Wax Strips, safflower grass, etc. , into a small basin trough, let it feed day and night, regardless of the number of meals, after eating it must give it enough water. 20-30 days

Breeding Technique of four-season goose

1. Feeding Management of Meat Goose 

(1) raising of GOSLINGS: use chopped fresh grass, such as bitter buy vegetables, Wax Strips, safflower grass, etc. , into a small basin trough, let it feed day and night, regardless of the number of meals, after eating it must give it enough water. 20-30 days old for grazing. In winter, the basket after each feed to use crushed Straw or dry soil pad nest, can not use wood ash pad nest, so as to avoid sodium hydroxide (sodium) , rotting flesh. 

(2) feeding of Qingming Geese: By this time they had reached the age of 50 days and their digestion was greatly strengthened. During the day to grazing grass-based, grazing should be put early, can eat dewy grass. In summer, grazing is better after 4-8 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the afternoon. 

(3) fattening and feeding of geese: The fattening time of geese is suitable for the winter and before the Qingming Festival. Choose large, fixed in the dark, quiet field breeding, there are two ways: 1 self-feeding method: The grain or other by-products into the water let its self-feeding, feeding 5-6 times daily. 

2 artificial forced feeding method: Using corn flour, sweet potato mixed with water and cooked half, made 6 cm long, diameter about 1-1.5 cm, two-end oval-shaped food group, feed 4 times a day, 11-23 at night and feed once. Start to feed a little more, and then gradually reduce the amount, after half a month or so of fattening, can gain 2-3 kg. 2. Breeding Management of breeding goose

The General Election Qingming produced before the chicks are better kept as breeding geese. Geese in the spawning period every day to feed a fine, green to let it full, night needs to add 1-2 times. Oviposition period grazing to go slowly, can not drive drive drive fly. Hatch at regular intervals every day out of the diet walk, goose eggs covered with cotton wool insulation, defecation after it slowly back to the nest, the male in the breeding period should be appropriate to add concentrate feed. 

3. Raising management should pay attention to matters  , farmer proverb: “The goose to eat vegetarian, do not eat meat”gosling period, if eat oil will be plucked and consumption of physical fitness, so in raising do not greasy. Second, the masses said: “The goose scholar, the duck old woman”, the goose is afraid to hold, raises especially in the young goose stage, with holds carelessly will pounce to death. Third, goslings in the grazing period,  So that the goose led to feed, nest, shed to plug the hole to prevent rodent harm. To Prevent Moisture, wet nest to pad on Ash, goose pad yellow soil. Fourth, the goose diet to several kinds of grass: hemp leaves, hemp seedlings, Kudongdong leaves, nine more (buttercup) and so on. Four-season breeding goose and the choice of breeding eggs, choose the former Shell gosling for breeding goose has two advantages: first, the climate is warm, feed rich, fast growth and development; second, White Dew pre-mature egg production, can catch the Spring Festival on the market, sell widely, the price is good.


1 male goose chest deep body length, thick bones, casual drive, male strong, glottis large, eyeball out, flexible and powerful, aggressive, long and thick neck, back wide body large, developed hips.

2 Goose Neck long and thin, strong eyes, chest deep back wide drive big, hip developed, strong as boat-shaped, every period of laying eggs in 10-15, gentle temperament, holding strong. The choice of 

3 kinds of eggs, must choose fresh, egg big, weight above 150 grams, the shape is regular, the egg surface does not have the lime sand grain, the Shell is white, generally with the third embryo above produces the egg is good.

Breeding and hatching of four-season geese and preservation of eggs

1.Breeding Age and proportion: to the General Shell Geese 90 days after sexual maturity began to breed, to prevent early mating, inbreeding. The rate of artificial insemination is high. Each egg, mating once, male-female ratio about 1:20-30. 

2.HATCHING: Hen laying eggs near the end of the performance of the nest, then can be hatched. Before hatching should be ready bamboo radish, bamboo pad on soft grass or cotton, covered with Straw mats under the table or a quiet place in the corner. The number of eggs is usually 10-15. 

3.Egg Acceptance: The seventh day after the egg into the nest for * * Times according to the eggs, see the eggs are black fertilized eggs, transparent is non-fertilized eggs, should be immediately removed. On the 12th day, the second egg, see the egg was black, large head air chamber obvious, that the embryo developed well. The third day to day twenty-eight, there are two ways to shine the egg: First, the egg on the ear to listen, gently shake hands, the egg is silent as well. The other is to put the eggs into warm water, the eggs will float and shake, that the Gosling is about to break the Shell and out. 

4.The preservation of eggs: goose eggs must be properly preserved, not vibration. Summer to prevent flies, mosquitoes bite, winter to use cotton insulation.