Current Location: Breeding technique of Merino Sheep
Breeding technique of Merino Sheep

News briefing: First, the feeding and management ability of Merino lamb is poor, and its development is closely related to the production performance of the past adult sheep.

Breeding technique of Merino Sheep

First, the feeding and management ability of Merino lamb is poor, and its development is closely related to the production performance of the past adult sheep. Therefore, we must pay attention to the raising and management of lambs and pass the breeding of good lambs. Give colostrum to a suckling lamb within 1 to 3 days after birth. In the birth of 20 days, if the milk is insufficient, to add milk powder, feeding the baby lamb bottle must be washed, and disinfected with boiling water to prevent the lamb infection bacteria. 

2. In order to make lamb grow quickly and produce well, we should make up feeding as soon as possible in addition to daily lactation, so that the rumen function of lamb can be exercised as early as possible. The feeding time is about 20 days. The main feeding is concentrated feed plus yeast powder. At the beginning, each animal is fed 25-50 grams of mixed concentrate twice a day, and every other week, each animal is fed 25 grams until each animal is fed 200 grams, each time adds the yeast powder 2 grams, adds to 10 day or so to stop. 

3, moderate exercise lamb appropriate exercise, can enhance physical fitness, improve disease resistance. Newborn Lamb 5 days-7 days after the Sun can be sufficient to the free movement of the stadium, first half an hour to 1 hour, after the gradual increase. 

4 timely weaning lamb to 3-4 months of age, according to the growth and development of timely scientific weaning. Lamb development is relatively uniform, can use a one-time weaning. Weaning should be done gradually, usually after 7-10 days.

1. In the early stage (4-8 months) , the rumen volume of sheep was limited and the function was not perfect, so the ration of concentrate was slightly higher than that of roughage, and the ration was about 6:4. Ask to feed less frequently. The concentrate formula is 70% corn, 20% soybean meal, 10% wheat bran, plus a certain amount of micronutrient. 

2. In the later period (after 8 months) , the Rumen function of sheep was basically perfect, and a lot of forage, silage and microbial Straw could be used. The proportion of roughage in the Diet can be increased to 45-50% . At the same time, concentrate feed or high quality silage and Hay must be added. The ratio of concentrate and roughage is about 5:5. 

In addition, the late development of the need to pay attention to is to strengthen the movement. Daily feeding and management of Ewes in breeding period 1. Ewes in empty breeding period lose weight quickly, need to strengthen feeding quantity, before breeding 1-1.5 months, need to feed more high quality grass, strengthen feeding, promote ewes estrus neat, concentrated lambing. 

2. Mix 250 G of concentrate twice a day and 600-700 G of Hay three times a day. Daily feeding and management of Breeding Rams 1. In order to complete the mating task, the non-mating period is mainly to strengthen feeding, the goal is to increase the body weight by 10% to 15% compared with the breeding season, and the ration is: 350 grams of mixed concentrate per time, twice a day; Hay Bales 900-950g three times a day. 

2. The formula of mixed concentrate is: corn flour 56.7% , soybean meal 11% , bran 28% , premix 4% , salt 0.3% , calcium phosphate 0.25% .