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vitamin B injection
  • vitamin B injection
  • vitamin B injection
vitamin B injection
vitamin B injection
vitamin B injection

Vitamin B injection

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Weight gain injection Vitamin B injection 
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50ml, 100ml

Detailed Production Description

Product Name

Vitamin b complex injection


 Brownish yellow transparent liquid

Pharmacological Actions

 This product takes part in the metabolic process of carbohydrates and enhances the normal sugar metabolism in vivo. It plays a very important role in maintaining the normal functions of nervous tissues and muscles. It is absorbed rapidly and completely after intramuscular injection. Most of the drug is excreted with stools.

under the guidance of a veterinarian.


each 100ml contains

VB1 1%+VB2 0.1%+nicotinamide 2%+VB6 1%+VB12 0.1%

+calcium pantothenate 0.01%

Properties This product is a kind of yellow transparent or almost transparent liquid with green fluorescence.
Indication This product belongs to the category of vitamins. It can be used for the treatment of multiple neuritis, dyspepsia, pellagra, stomatitis and etc caused by deficiencies of vitamin Bs.
Administration and Dosage

 Intramuscular injections of a single dose of 10-20ml for horses and cattle, 2-3ml for sheep and pigs,

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