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Vitamin AD3E
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Vitamin AD3E


Vitamin A is involved in the process of formation and preservation of function of epithelial tissues and mucous membranes, is important for fertility and is essential for vision. Vitamin D3 regulates and corrects calcium and phosphate metabolism in blood and plays an important role in the uptake of calcium and phosphate from the intestines. Especially in young, growing animals vitamin D3 is essential for the normal development of skeleton and teeth. Vitamin E is as a fat-soluble intracellular antioxidant, involved in stabilising unsaturated fatty acids, thereby preventing toxic lipo-peroxides formation. Furthermore, vitamin E protects the oxygen-sensitive vitamin A from oxidative destruction in this preparation.

Product introduction

Generic Veterinary Drugs For Cattle -vitamin Ad3e Injection



Vitamin AD3E Injection can be used in early chick mortality, prevention of stress, vitamin A, D, E, K deficiency .during coccidiosis, in poor growth rate. It improves hatchability, egg production, growth rate and resistance of disease. Treatment and prevention of vitamin deficiencies in farm animals, such as growth disturbances, weakness of new-born animals, neonatal anemia, sight disturbances, intestinal troubles, convalescence, anorexia, not-infectious reproductive disturbances, recites, muscle weakness, muscular tremor and myocardial failure with difficulties in breathing worm infections.



Composition: Vitamin AD3E injection(Vitamin complex)


per 100ml/bottle contains Vitamin A-3,000,000IU

                                        Vitamin D3---2,000,000IU

                                        Vitamin E-1g


The remaining is oil solution Packag: Brown glass bottle, self-adhesive label, polypore protect, brown paper carton 10ml/50ml/100ml or according to customers' requirement



Dosage and administration For subcutaneous or intramuscular injection


Cattle: 10-20ml per animal Calves foal: 5-10ml per animal


Pigs: 10ml per animal Piglets: 10-13kg) 1-3ml per animal


Storage Store below25 protect from heat and light.

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