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  • <p><font><font>Bioclean bio-technology Hebei Co. , Ltd. is located in the Millennium Ancient capital of Handan, is engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry-related product research and development, production, sales, service promotion of high-tech enterprises. It mainly produces microbial fertilizer, bio-organic fertilizer, seed (seedling) cultivation, bio-remediation of soil pollution, Veterinary Drug R & D, manufacturing and other products related to agriculture and animal husbandry.</font></font></p><p><font><font>The company covers an area of 28 acres, with nearly 100 employees. We have biology research laboratory, product production line and cultivation experimental field, with high-quality R & D team. Committed to becoming “Six first-class”(first-class talent, first-class team, first-class platform, first-class management, first-class strength, first-class results) OF HIGH-TECH R & D institutions and results transformation center. The company continues to increase investment in research and development of new products, research and development in line with market demand of high-end agricultural and animal husbandry-related products, enhance market share and position.</font></font></p>

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